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Women's Compression Shorts SAPPHIRE | Pole Shorts
Women's Compression Shorts SAPPHIRE | Pole Shorts

Women's Compression Shorts SAPPHIRE | Pole Shorts

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Royal Blue Compression Shorts


Beautiful royal blue sports shorts with a golden floral motif, there is no way You will stay unnoticed wearing those women sports shorts. This piece of sports wear will be perfect for both women who love to be shine and for those who prefer subtle elegance, each of you will love sapphire sports shorts. Just like all the DARTFROG women sports wear, those shorts are not only the most advanced piece of the sportswear, but also the most unique and beautiful and unique sports shorts You can have. 


DARTFROG sports wear is made to be unique and super preety. So let's show Your new beautiful blue sports shorts, not only to Your pole friends during Your next pole dance class, but during all the other activities. DARTFROG made this piece as ole dance shorts, but You girls showed us that they are perfect as yoga shors, shorts for running, tight volleyball shorts and and even for watersports like surfing.


At DartFrog our main goal has always been to produce the best unique sportswear for women, but at the same time we believe that even the best sportswear is worth nothing; if people and the environment suffer during their production, so what if we take care of our own health if our planet is polluted and the people who work hard to produce clothing heat up, That's why the DARTFROG women's sportswear is made only in Europe and only from certified materials from the European Union, Our employees are covered by worlds best laber regulations. Therefore, by wearing DARTFROG you can be sure that, apart from you, everyone responsible for creating our things is happy, and our planet gets a chance for a better future.

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Women's Compression Shorts SAPPHIRE | Pole Shorts